I’ve Dropped The Biggest Loser, revisited

Why are they shocked? Check out the contestant behind Jillian. She's shocked, too! Source

Why are they shocked? Check out the contestant behind Jillian. She’s shocked, too! Source

I’ve posted about it before. I no longer watch The Biggest Loser. I got tired of the obvious product placement, the drama and the F-bombs. From what I’ve read online, this season’s winner revealed a shockingly thin body during the show’s finale. Why is this shocking?


Participants compete in one category only: pounds/body fat lost.

The winner must have exercised and dieted to the extreme, but by golly, she won. That’s not shocking.

Now, if The Biggest Loser wants to win back my viewership, here are some competition categories I’d be interested in:

  • Reversal of Type 2 diabetes
  • Blood pressure returned to normal levels
  • BMI restored to healthy range
  • Increased VO2 max
  • Increased lactic acid threshold

For those of you who believe this reality show has anything to do with reality, here’s a tell-all article from a former contestant.

Now, how about the rest of us continue on our path of eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep.

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