Adventures In Wheat-Free Baking: The Pizza

Last weekend when I made the grain-free wrap, I also made a pizza dough. Hubs doesn’t eat pizza (I know, strange), so I was interested in a single size. Well, the Wheat Belly pizza dough recipe made a huge amount. I divided the dough in half in order to have enough for two “personal size” pies, but it was still too much. And just like the wrap, my finished product was too thick for my liking. Here’s a photo. Don’t laugh.


That sucker is sitting on a dinner plate, not a salad plate. It’s just too much for my shrinking appetite. But I will not give up. The next time I make a batch of dough, I’m going to divide it into fourths and freeze three servings. I have no idea how frozen dough will bake up, but I’m willing to live on the edge and find out.

Wrap update: I made another one a few nights ago. It was thin and perfect! It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a sandwich without consuming grains. No, I’m not grain-free yet, but I’m on Day 42 of being wheat free. I feel so much better I’m planning to give up another grain soon.

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