Motivation Monday: Richard Sherman’s Dad

Are you feeling groggy from last night’s Super Bowl party? Regardless of which team you were cheering for, you can’t deny that Richard Sherman was a big part of the media hoopla that led up to the big game. Much was made of his interview just moments after making the play that earned the Seahawks the NFC Championship. When I saw the clip, I thought he was over the top until I thought about it a bit. He was still on a huge adrenaline high from that play when the mic was shoved in his face. I don’t know that I would have behaved any differently.

So here we are the day after Super Bowl and I find myself a Richard Sherman fan. Not because of last night’s game (and I hope his injury isn’t serious). Not because of some smack that was talked in the week leading up to it. I’m a fan inpart because this intelligent athlete (high school Salutatorian, 3.7 GPA from Stanford) was raised by a dad who continues to make his own way in life by doing a thankless job. Parents like Kevin Sherman give me hope. Here’s a link to read more about him.

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