Adventures in Wheat-Free Baking: The Wrap

Santa brought me this Wheat-Belly cookbook.

While I’ve glanced through the pages, I hadn’t actually tried any recipes until last weekend. Hubs had a cold and I decided to stay close to home. He’s a very non-compliant patient, so my staying at home and nagging providing him with TLC meant that I had extra time on my hands. In other words, the perfect opportunity to channel my inner Paula Deen, er, Rachel Ray, er, Dr. William Davis.

I mixed up a batch of the All Purpose Baking Mix (page 19) as well as the Flaxseed Wrap Baking Mix (page 25).  Those will be nice to have on hand. I’ve been craving pizza lately, so I made a pizza crust, using the baking mix. By the time it finished baking, I remembered that I had some left over chicken in the fridge and I was out of the mood for pizza. I stashed the crust in the fridge and made a flaxseed wrap and some chicken salad.

Here’s a photo of the wrap.


It came out a little thick, more like bread than a wrap. Next time I’ll use a baking sheet instead of a plate, allowing me to spread the dough a bit thinner. Also, the recipe called for golden flax seeds and I used dark seeds, hence the dark color. But hey, I’m learning. And please don’t be jealous of my circa 1980 Corelle plate. Jealousy is such a toxic emotion.

And here’s the wrap stuffed with chicken salad.

chicken salad

The wrap was delicious and something I’ll make often. At this point, I’ve only given up wheat, but the “real” Wheat Belly people are completely grain-free. I know I’ll feel better going grain-free, but I’ve hesitated to try it because I anticipate missing some of the foods I’m currently still enjoying (corn products, crackers made with rice flour and nuts, etc.). But just the simple act of trying this wrap has shown me it’s possible to go grain free and not be limited to fruits, veggies and meat.

I’m not sure when I’ll release all grains from my food plan, but I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later.

Check back for my pizza crust review!

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2 Responses to Adventures in Wheat-Free Baking: The Wrap

  1. scelsass says:

    I read Wheat Belly this fall and was curious about the cookbook. So glad you posted about the all purpose baking mix and the flaxseed wrap baking mix … you’ve inspired me to pick up the cookbook and try the recipes!

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