Shouldn’t Every Day Be a Day of Service?

Today the United States is observing the annual Martin Luther King Day of Service. People across the country will take part in organized volunteer opportunities. I think that’s wonderful, but I am not participating. I have a speaking engagement on Friday, and I am spending much of today making final preparations.

To be brutally honest, over the weekend while I was making a to-do list for today, I felt a little guilt pang because I didn’t include participation in an organized service activity. But I quickly decided to let that go. Why?

I believe every day should be a day of service.

I participate in organized volunteer work week in and week out. One of my most gratifying is the English as a Second Language class I teach each week. I often find myself driving to class after a long day at work. I’m tired and I just want to go home and veg out. But once I arrive in class and begin working with people who escaped unimaginable atrocities in their home countries, my petty First World Problems melt away.

I tell you this not to brag. Actually, I don’t believe volunteering is “brag-worthy.” While my life hasn’t always been easy and I’ve had struggles just like everyone else, I feel very blessed. Volunteering is simply what I’m supposed to do.  I do it as a way to “pay it forward.” I do it as a tangible way to thank God for the many ways He has blessed me.

By having the right attitude, I can make every day a day of service.

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