Motivation Monday: Tom Arnold Stopped “Eating Like a Jerk”

Tom Arnold was recently on the Today show sporting a 90-pound weight loss. Here’s the clip if you want to see it.

He told the viewers about the changes in his food plan: no bread, no sugar. He’s also eating less. People who give up wheat and sugar report not feeling hungry as often as they used to.

But Tom made a statement that gave me pause. He said he “stopped eating like a jerk.” I don’t care for negative self-talk, but this is what I think he meant:

Eating whatever one wants, whenever one wants, without regard for one’s health is actually selfish. Being in poor health because of lifestyle choices is not a victimless crime. Our families love us and need us. People depend on us and if we send ourselves to an early grave because of food, booze, smokes or whatever, we are hurting those we love. And that’s selfish.

I’m a firm believer that most of us can not make significant changes because someone else wants us to do so. Lasting improvements happen because we want to change. I changed my food plan on December 26. I’m not eating sugar or wheat. I already feel better and I’ll tell you about that in a future post. I made these changes because I wanted to make them, not because someone told me to do so. Tom Arnold changed because he wants to be around to watch is son grow up; his son didn’t tell him to drop the weight. But in making a change that he chose to make, the byproduct is a selfless show of love.

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