A New Year/ A Clean Slate

A clean slate. A year full of promise.

A clean slate. A year full of promise.

As I’ve shared many times here, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I set goals and create strategies for achieving them. In my experience, resolutions are just wishes without success plans attached to them.

Really, January 1 is just one day after December 31. Nothing more, nothing less. But a year is one way we measure time, and I am charmed by the first few days of a new year. I feel as though I have a clean slate. My training log is free of notes about workouts that were great and those that were missed for one reason or another.

I’ve divided 2014 into quarterly zones and mini goals as a way to keep me motivated and on point throughout the year. But I also have daily and weekly goals. Last year while recovering from surgery, I’d basically show up at the gym and do whatever I felt like doing. This year my workout strategy is much more specific and designed to get me back into triathlon and half marathons.

And so today, as I begin a new year, I’ll go to the gym and put myself through the paces. I’ll make my first entry in my 2014 training log.

And I’ll savor the clean slate.

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