Fierce and Fabulous

One day a few weeks ago I had a particularly tough and fantastic workout. I rode two tours on the Expresso bike trainer for a total of 14.8 HILLY miles. I left the gym sweaty, stinky and wet-haired…and promptly went to the grocery store.

While shopping and minding my own business I heard the two words no sweaty, stinky and wet-haired person wants to hear.

“Hi, Pam!”

I looked up and saw a church friend. Her hair was in a ponytail while my short do was hidden under a baseball cap. Other than that, we looked like we’d both read the same memo on what to wear that day.

“Are you just coming from the gym?” I inquired.

“Yes, I’m so sweaty and gross,” she responded.

“Me, too.”

Later that day I thought about that quick exchange. I don’t run errands wearing workout clothes unless I actually worked out just prior. Both of us seemed to need to apologize for our appearance. Granted, neither of us was ready to hit a red carpet event, but we exemplified active lifestyles. We thought we looked sweaty and gross when we really looked…


What about you? Do you run errands following a workout or do you first go home to shower and change? Does it bother you be in the check-out line with a sweaty someone, or does it not phase you? Hit me in the comments section.

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2 Responses to Fierce and Fabulous

  1. Live and let live. I could care less what people wear, or what people think of what I wear. Though I do have a policy, only wear workout clothes for working out. Only exception is I will wear workout clothes to a medical office as that type of clothing is easier to get on an off.

    • Pam Brown says:

      Well, I usually hold to my personal policy of only wearing workout clothes for working out, but I have been known to duck into the store immediately after going to the gym. Folks at my local juice bar have also had the pleasure of seeing me immediately post workout. Other than that, I keep the lycra in the gym. đŸ™‚

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