Mission Accomplished! The Abominable Expressnowman Challenge

I’m excited to report I finished the challenge last Thursday. The fourteen tours totaled 94.9 miles. I completed it in 7:20:38. This was my first Expresso challenge. It won’t be my last. I found it to be a fun and motivating way to work on my cycling when it’s too cold (by my standards) to cycle outside. When I began the challenge, I didn’t consider the fact that these tours were time trials. I thought the goal was simply to complete them, and I completed my first couple of tours in a leisurely manner. But once I began logging on to the Expresso website I realized participants were being timed against each other. Duh! After figuring that out I tried to pick up the pace, but by that time I was on the “challenging” tours, so my fast wasn’t all that fast. I was the 137th person in the country to complete the challenge. As everyone else finishes, they’ll be slotted in the finisher board according to number of hours spent on the bike.

Completing the challenge has given me bragging rights and the opportunity to buy an Abominable Expressnowman Challenge t-shirt at half off the regular price. I’ll probably spring for the shirt…or maybe Santa will give me one because as you see, I don’t have enough event shirts.


What about you? Are you exercising during busy December? Hit me in the comments section.

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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished! The Abominable Expressnowman Challenge

  1. Awesome. Congratulations.

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