Chip Wilson Did Not Offend Me

Chip Wilson has resigned as Chairman of Lululemon. He resigned because last month he made ill-advised comments during an interview with Bloomberg’s Trish Regan. Here’s the interview clip in case you missed it.

The Internet has been abuzz in the weeks following the interview. People were calling Wilson all kinds of awful for his comments. When his resignation was announced yesterday I read some comments that were so gleeful, on the order of Thank Heavens this wretched man who doesn’t deserve oxygen is out of the picture. Ding dong the jerk is dead.

I watched the Bloomberg interview several times. I just couldn’t get myself all worked up. As I wrote during the recent Maria Kang controversy, I believe we are becoming a nation of the chronically offended. Why would I allow my self esteem to plummet over comments made by a complete stranger?

If I were Chip Wilson’s PR counsel I would be horrified by the situation he created. But I’m not. I’m just an average Jane who buys my workout clothes at Target or REI. I don’t care what he thinks about me and my size.

Was Chip Wilson wrong to make these statements, given his role at Lululemon? Yes.

Do I need to get offended?

Um, no.

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2 Responses to Chip Wilson Did Not Offend Me

  1. The only people that seem to get offended is the media, that gives them something to hype up and make something out of nothing.

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