The Vindicator Kicked My Bootay

As I mentioned last week, I’m participating in the  Abominable Expressnowman Challenge. “Challenge” is a good way to describe Saturday’s workout.

I hopped on the bike and set up Vindicator. When the screen showed me the elevation gains, I couldn’t believe it. I have NEVER ridden hells hills like these. I wondered if I could finish  the tour.

When I have a choice of the three Expresso bikes, I never choose the one in the middle. If two friends show up, they should be able to cycle side by side. Someone was on the bike on the left. I chose the bike on the right, but it didn’t recognize my log in and password. If I was going to tackle Vindicator, I was going to get credit. So I switched to the middle bike. I’d been riding about five minutes when a man showed up and took the bike on the right just as “man on bike on the left” finished. Man on My Right also set himself up for Vindicator. Fabulous. I couldn’t help glancing at his bike screen. He was killing the course.

Soon someone showed up to take the remaining bike. Guess what? He was friends with Man on My Right. They had a lively conversation, with me between them huffing and puffing on those @#@#$ hills. And guess which tour Man on My Left programmed. Yep, Vindicator! They had talked about the tour and he decided he’d try it and see how he stacked up with his buddy. So there I was, struggling between two men who were doing a time trial against each other. I checked out their display screens and they were riding like there was no tomorrow. And then there was me.

Soon Man on My Right finished and left me with Man on My Left. When I finally…blessedly finished the tour, I remained in the saddle, huffing, puffing and hanging over the handlebars.

“Great job!” said Man on the Left. “Hardly,” I said with a weak smile. He gave me a “Hey, you’re doing it” speech that I’ve said to people many times. I’ve always been sincere when I said it and I assume he was as well. I pointed to the nearby Challenge poster and told him I was doing that. He’d not heard of it and he had several questions, which I was able to answer thanks to all the time I’ve spent on the Expresso website.

It took me just under an hour to ride 12.2 miles. That’s slower than slow. But I noticed something when I got off the bike. My legs felt…fantastic! I continued with some planned weight lifting, but I know…I know without a doubt…if I were to have run I would have felt great. This challenge is just what I’ve needed to build leg strength.

Once I complete the challenge, I’ll ride the Vindicator again and this time I’ll be vindicated.

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