A Sad Buddha Update

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi

A few months ago I told you about Buddha. I’ve been following his weight loss progress on The Cat Shoppe’s Facebook page so I knew he’d been diagnosed with a congenital heart defect last month. Yesterday I learned Buddha died and I’m surprised at how sad I feel. While I’m afraid of dogs I don’t know (long story), I still consider myself an “animal person.” I’d really gotten attached to this little fella just from reading the Facebook posts about his progress.

You can read the entire Facebook post on his death here. Here’s an excerpt: It’s our hope Buddha will not have died in vain. We hope that his story inspires owners of obese cats to help them get them on a path to a healthier weight.

There are likely folks out there who think it’s crazy to feel sadness over the death of an animal most people only “knew” via Facebook. But is it? Our Catholic friends recognize Saint Francis of Assisi as the Patron Saint of Animals. Many worship communities observe a “Blessing of the Animals” day in early October. The Cat Shoppe’s Facebook page has a growing number of condolence posts from Buddha’s many fans. So there must be something to this whole “caring about animals” thing.

“Lots of people talk to animals…Not very many listen though…that’s the problem.”
― Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

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