One Day, Two Funerals

I’d planned to take the day off yesterday to do some Christmas shopping. Instead I attended two funerals.

The first was for a man at my church I’ve known all my life. He volunteered for the church’s ESL program along with hubs and me. His death is a huge loss for everyone who knew him. One of the speakers at the funeral described him as a man of “deep faith, high morals and great character.” That description pretty much nailed it. I hope to be more like him when I grow up.

The second was a funeral mass for a work colleague. I had been with the agency only a year when she had to take sick leave. During that year she was one of the people who helped me learn the agency’s culture. She was one of those “show you the ropes” kind of people. Every office newbie needs someone like that and I’ll always be grateful for her guidance.

It was important to celebrate those lives and to grieve with the families, with friends and co-workers. But today I find myself feeling a bit spent…emotionally hungover, if you will. When I have days like this it’s important for me to remember a few things:

  • If I feel impatient with people, it’s not them…it’s me
  • When my mind is telling me to skip going to the gym, don’t listen. I’ve already worked out this morning and it really helped me with my energy slump.
  • A hit of sugar will not make me feel better
  • The Four Agreements‘ fourth agreement is “always do your best.” I will do my best for today. But today’s best may not be as good as my best earlier in the week. I’ll try not to be so hard on myself as long as I can honestly say I’m bringing my “A Game”, whatever that is today. The results will take care of themselves.

Now that I think if it, remembering these things would benefit me every day…not just on days when I’m feeling spent.

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