Would You Like “Healthy Habit Holiday Support?”

healthy food

Hi, all.

Anyone out there feeling a “food hangover” from yesterday’s Thanksgiving festivities? I’m thankful that I don’t feel gross, bloated, sluggish or irritable. In fact, as soon as I hit the “publish” button on this little blog post, I’m hitting the gym for a Black Friday workout of cardio and weight lifting. But first I want to tell you about a little Facebook “support group” I’m putting together.

I  am creating a secret Facebook page for people who would like support in maintaining healthy eating/exercise habits during the “food-laden” and busy holiday season. Anyone is welcome to join; just private message me and you’re in!

I will not be coaching via this forum. Rather, I will administer a space for us to support each other.

Feel free to share this with friends of yours who may have interest. There are two simple steps to joining the group:

1. “Like” the Pam Brown Life Coach Facebook page.

2. Private message me to request membership.

There will be no food plan/exercise recommendations (I am not a nutritionist or fitness trainer). Each member will determine for himself/herself what maintaining healthy habits during the holidays “looks like” and will receive and give support to fellow group members.

Again, this group is closed and private. No one, except the others in the group, will know who is participating.

Of course, it’s free to join and participate.

There are 5 1/2 weeks left in the new year. Do you want to begin 2014 feeling gross or energized? I’ll take energized!

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