Getting Needs Met

Justin McKinnon, hero. Source: Facebook

Justin McKinnon, hero.
Source: Facebook

Have you ever known someone who expected you to know what he or she needed without being told? I have. In fact, I used to be that person. “Ugh, when hubs does laundry, why doesn’t he realize my shirts need to be hung on hangers rather than folded?” Thankfully, that was a long time ago, and I have learned to ask people for what I need rather than expect them to read my mind.

But there are still people out there who don’t know how to get their needs met. That’s why I was so impressed with a recent Facebook post made by Justin McKinnon.

Justin is my cousin’s son. He’s serving in Afghanistan and he needs some stuff. So, he just put it out there on Facebook:

Things I need…
1. Towel 2. Q-Tips 3. Pillow Cover 4. White Tuna (in packets not cans) 5. Tide Pod Balls 6. Air fresher 7. Movies 8. Tooth Paste (Crest Pro-Health) 9. shampoo (Organix Citrus Mint for men) 10. PB 11. Vince Neil’s Book 12. Any Euro Car, Guitar, or Tattoo Magazines 13. Flaming Hot Cheeto’s….Please no Chap Stick, Sun Block, Playing Cards, or Candy…

APO AE, 09355

I love how he titled the post “Things I need.” No mincing words, just state it.

This blog is about my on-going journey of physical, emotional and spiritual health. I believe Justin provided a lesson in emotional health and I am grateful to have seen it. This weekend I’m going to put together a little care package and send it to Afghanistan as a way of saying, “thanks.”

And now for all of you CrossFit people out there. Two of Justin’s comrades recently died and a couple of the guys created WODs (Workout of the Day) in their memories. I’m posting them here in the event you want to share them with folks in your CrossFit box.

wod 1wod 2

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