Motivation Monday: This One Is Personal

Linda Feagans

I first noticed Linda Feagans a few years ago at the Nashville Women’s Half Marathon. She was hard to miss. She was running the event carrying an oxygen tank on her back. I was immediately inspired. The next morning she put a comment on the event’s Facebook page. I read it and thought, “That’s the Oxygen Tank Lady!”  I sent her a private message. We then became Facebook friends, have had a few phone conversations and email exchanges, and give each other a hug at races. She wrote a guest blog post for me a few years ago. She’s dealt with a host of health issues, yet she keeps plugging along. She’s a trooper…and a cool lady.

Here’s a newsclip from an interview Linda did last year. Don’t you agree she’s motivating?

Linda reached out to me last week to let me know her doctors have advised her not to run for a while. As you can imagine, this is not what she wanted to hear! Linda asked me to prayer for her during this time. I’m sending up prayers for healing…and for patience. I should probably request prayers for her medical team that will surely grow tired of her asking when she can run again! 🙂

If you believe in prayer, I hope you’ll take a moment and whisper one for my friend, Linda. And if you don’t, I know she’ll appreciate your positive thoughts. After all, we runner girls and guys need to stick together.

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