Must. Lift. Weights. Sigh.


I’m a Cardio Queen. I guess I like the endorphin rush I experience after a good workout. But weightlifting? Not so much. When I look back on the last few months, I notice that I’ve been lucky to dwo two or three weight lifting sessions PER MONTH. Actually, it wasn’t a matter of lack of luck, it was a matter of me shunning an important fitness routine in favor of doing the stuff I love.

Fast forward to last Friday. I called a friend of mine just to get the name of her hairstylist. Really, that’s all I wanted. But I commented about what great shape she’s gotten herself into. She looks and feels fantastic. She competes in all kinds of endurance events including the crazy ones that require dredging through mud and running through fire. In order to do all of that, she has to do cardio training. So we chatted a few minutes about her routine.

“I finally realized I have to lift weights,” she told me. Fabulous. She went on to say that if she’s limited for time and has to choose between cardio and weights, she’ll lift. Sigh.

But you know, I think she’s right. And I think I was supposed to hear her message. And this is what I’m going to do.

I’m committing to you…and more important, to myself…I’m going to make weightlifting a priority two times per week. Two times. Per week. I can do this.

No excuses.

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