This time last year…

While I can now walk/run three miles, I was pushed for time on Saturday and went out for a quick 1.6 miler. It was a bright, sunny fall day…really beautiful. It reminded me of the weather exactly one year ago.

I remember that day one year ago because I was running the Nashville half marathon. It was my slowest half ever. I finished limping and in tears with pain in both feet. The following Saturday I would run the 10-mile course of the Viva la Diva with the same outcome: limping and in tears. Slowly over time I had developed bone spurs and tendonitis that I’ve written about here many times. But my experience with the Nashville Half was what started bringing me out of denial about my pain issues. I was training for my second attempt at a full marathon. It would be a few more weeks before the denial was completely gone and I would abandon my training. From there it was an appointment with a podiatrist where I received the official diagnosis, surgery and recovery. It’s been a long year.

Today the post-surgery pain in my right foot is about 85% gone. I’m grateful for that. The tendonitis in my left foot is still very much there. I’m trying to be sensible with my running. While I’d love to run some half marathons in 2014, I know I’ll have to be honest with myself about whether or not that will be possible.

Sometimes I just don’t like being honest with myself.

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2 Responses to This time last year…

  1. Sometimes the truth hurts. I am already getting mentally ready to pull out of Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant as I expect my healing process to take longer than expected. If only the body could do what our hearts and minds want us to do.

    It is so hard to hold oneself back when you have been so use to training. But as it has been said to me so many times, “slow and steady wins the race.”

    All the best with the recovery and training.

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