Post-Halloween Candy Cravings

Halloween 2013 was a bust. Nashville experienced rain and dangerously high winds, keeping most Trick or Treaters out of my neighborhood. We had a total of four tricksters on Thursday. Several areas postponed Halloween until last night.  Because hope springs eternal, hubs re-lit the Jack-o-lanterns I’d painstakingly carved, reinstalled his scary blacklight bulb into our front porch light socket and waited…

and waited…

and waited…

for the Trick or Treaters who didn’t get the memo that it was ok to try again a day later. No one showed.

Don't you wish your girlfriend was a pumpkin carver like me?

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a pumpkin carver like me?

And so here we are on November 2nd, and the leftover candy is calling my name.

 "Pam, Pam, we're right here!"

“Pam, Pam, we’re right here!”

Normally, this stuff doesn’t faze me. But today I’m enjoying a rare Saturday with no commitments. I don’t have the normal business to occupy my mind.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “why doesn’t she just throw it away?” Well, there are two reasons.

  • I was raised by Depression-era parents who taught me not to waste food because of all the starving children in China. Yes, I know candy isn’t technically “food,” but, still.
  • Hubs isn’t addicted to sugar as I am. It’s been many years since I’ve expected him to keep our house free of foods I choose not to eat.

Hubs has barely touched the candy and will tire of it in a day or two. (I just don’t get that.) He’ll likely share it with the crew in his office. In the meantime, I’m taking the “out of sight, out of mind” approach and stuffing it in a cabinet.

Halloween is one of the High Holy Days for people like me, as is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines Day, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day….

You see, every day is an opportunity for me to eat candy. And everyday is an opportunity to abstain.

Today I choose to abstain.

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2 Responses to Post-Halloween Candy Cravings

  1. It’s ok to have a piece or two. I have to as I bought 150 pcs and only got 3 kids.

    • Pam Brown says:

      Hi, FG2TG!
      I know a lot of people who can enjoy a couple of pieces of candy with no problem. But for me sugar is a highly addictive substance. I know this from years of experimenting and wishing it wasn’t so. It’s no different than a cocaine addict trying to get by on one line every now and then. It sounds like you and my hubs are cut from the same cloth. A piece or two is no big deal. While you guys are like space aliens to me, I’m glad you can enjoy!
      I’ve been keeping up with your post-accident progress. Hope you keep on keeping on!

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