Making a Move: Event Number 4

Tomorrow I’ll be running Nashville’s Race for the Cure. It’s the fourth event in the Making a Move series and I have a goal to complete all five events.

Don’t hate me, but this isn’t my favorite event.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about finding a cure. Better yet, I’d love to find a cause and prevent it from occurring in the first place. But this 5K is more of a festival than a race. In past RFTCs I’ve gotten trapped behind teenage girls walking with their arms linked together, taking up the entire width of the road. I’ve gotten side-swiped by strollers and dogs.  I almost twisted an ankle hopping up on a sidewalk in an effort to get past a clump of people hopscotching their way through the course.

And so as tomorrow approaches I’m getting myself into festival mode. I won’t be wearing a timing chip so I won’t stress out if I get stuck behind a crowd. I’ve got great music loaded on my Ipod. As I’ve said before, God and Motown get me through runs.

And most important, there will be beautiful, brave, bald women there and I’ll be sure and shout “You go, girl” to every one I see.

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