Motivation Monday: Buddha the Cat

This is Buddha. All 26 pounds of him. Photo source

This is Buddha. All 26 pounds of him.
Photo source

If you’re like me, you find weight loss stories inspiring. Today’s Motivation Monday is of the four-legged variety.

Buddha the Cat was in need of a home after is owner died. He was taken to Nashville’s Cat Shoppe/Dog Store, but his health check showed him to be 31 pounds and morbidly obese. Buddha would have to make some heath changes before being adopted. The good folks at the Cat Shoppe partnered with Animalia in nearby Franklin, Tennessee. Buddha stays at Animalia during the week so that he has access to daily workouts on the water treadmill. Yes, you read that correctly. He’s  back at the Cat Shoppe on weekends.

Buddha is now down to 26 pounds. His caretakers are making sure the weight comes off slowly. In other words, no crash dieting. I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a high school reunion to get ready for. He’d be crash dieting like a champ.

This story out of my home town has gone viral. If you Google Buddha the Cat you’ll find all sorts of links. If you want to keep up with his weight loss journey, go to Facebook and “like” the Cat Shoppe/Dog Store page. I think I’m going to stop by and pay the old boy a visit. I’ll just have to schedule it around his trips to the gym.

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