I’m Mad and I’m Marching

I typically reserve Monday posts for links to motivational web articles dealing with health, fitness, or active aging. Today, though I’m posting about an upcoming event so that you have time to plan should you want to participate.

This Saturday, October 12 is March Against Monsanto day. I’m passionate about this cause for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • The Monsanto Company has infiltrated the U.S. Government. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have made federal appointments to former Monsanto executives. This is a bi-partisan travesty. Once on the inside of government, these people are well placed to protect Monsanto’s interests at the expense of your health and mine.
  • The company is fighting tooth and nail to make sure GMO foods do not have to be labeled as such. Those of you who don’t believe GMOs are harmful are certainly entitled to your opinion, but can we all agree that consumers deserve to make an informed choice regarding the foods we buy?
  • Monsanto is in the business of producing seeds that are “Round Up ready.” That means the crops can be sprayed with Round Up, a product produced by…wait for it…Monsanto, and not die along with the weeds. I garden three seasons a year. I don’t use pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer. My veggies are 100% organic. If I wouldn’t drink Round Up, why would I want to eat food that’s been saturated with it?

There are many websites devoted to educating the public about Monsanto. Here’s an example if you’re interested in learning more.

I’ll be marching in Nashville. There are events planned all over the world. Click here to find a march near you.

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