How Do You Flu?

flu shot

These days I can’t drive by a pharmacy without seeing a sign tempting me to stop in and get my flu shot. I’m taking a pass.

When I worked for a healthcare agency, I was strongly encouraged to get the shot each year. Some years I caved in and complied, many years I did not. I estimate that I’ve had fewer than six or seven flu shots during my lifetime.¬† And I’VE NEVER HAD THE FLU. Never.

While I certainly don’t believe everything I read online, I have to admit this article caught my attention. My flu prevention plan is to eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, exercise and wash my hands frequently.

I am not a physician and please know I’m not trying to talk you out of getting a flu shot if you think doing so is appropriate for your health and well being. But I’m really interested in your opinion. Are you getting a flu shot? Why or why not? Hit me with a comment.

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