Nutribullet or Magic Bullet?


My Nutribullet died on Sunday. For the past few months the motor kept running after I removed the cup and blade. Then on Sunday the cup became irreversibly wedged into the base. I could not get it out to save my life. Hubs left for a business trip 45 minutes prior to this disaster so there was no big, strong man around to help me. I knew the contents in the bullet, namely almond milk, would spoil, so in a fit of exasperation I trashed the whole thing, whipped out my circa 1980 blender and made a new protein shake.

I liked the convenience of having a small appliance for my protein shakes and occasional smoothies. But I don’t like the idea of throwing down another Benjamin Franklin to replace it. I did a bit of on-line browsing and I see that the Nutribullet’s cousin, the Magic Bullet, is about half the price…and has less than half the motor power.

And so, friends, I want your opinions. Have you compared the Nutribullet with the Magic Bullet? Is the Nutri worth the extra cash? Did I just buy a lemon the first go-around?

I’ll be grateful for your comments.

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2 Responses to Nutribullet or Magic Bullet?

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m happy with my nutribullet. Like you, very convenient to take on the road!

  2. That picture makes me sad. My first Nutribullet was delivered today. I plan to purchase the 5-year extended warranty, which my credit card will double. Happy juicing.

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