Redefining Fitness Goals

A page from my training log.

A page from my training log.

Back in December when I established my 2013 goals, they seemed attainable. As I review my goals I see that I am on target with some, and off the mark with others. I’m off the mark with fitness goals. I had planned to do several half marathons this year and I toyed with selecting a 2014 full marathon to train for; the marathon continues to be on my bucket list.

But back in December I didn’t know I’d have foot surgery in February. I didn’t know I’d still have swelling and soreness in September. I didn’t know the tendonitis in my other foot would still be nagging.

Once I realized I would not be able to cover the kind of running mileage required for endurance events, I changed my goals. My new goal was to complete all five events in the Making a Move women’s series. Last Saturday I completed event #3. The fourth event, the Race for the Cure, is scheduled for October. The fifth event, the Viva la Diva Run takes place in November.

I limped through the first three events with very little training. In fact, I’ve only been getting to the gym two or three times per week. Pre-foot pain, I was going six times a week and I felt great. But with only exercising two or three times per week, I find myself feeling sluggish. When I started this blog I named it 482gr8 because I started my fitness journey at age 48 and I wanted to…wait for it…feel great.

I turned another year older on Monday and I decided to use the occasion to redefine my fitness goals for the remainder of the year. I checked the calendar and there are 15 full weeks left in 2013. People train for half marathons in that amount of time. While I am unable to do that kind of mileage right now, there are things I can do make myself feel better great:

  • I am bumping up my number of workouts to five or six per week. Just like in the good old days.
  • I had a two-week layoff from walk/running due to sinus/upper respiratory issues. Prior to that I was up to 2.1 miles. This week I’m starting there and increasing my mileage by no more than 10% per week.
  • I am going to be much more careful with my food choices. I’ve written many times about the negative ways eating wheat affects me (sinus congestion, lethargy, blue moods). I keep it out of my diet for weeks at a time and I feel fantastic. Then I tell myself “one bite won’t hurt,” I eat a roll, and feel physically terrible afterwards. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I guess I’m insane when it comes to wheat. It’s time to stop the insanity.

I’m looking forward to the next 15 weeks. I plan to ring in the new year feeling a lot more energetic.

What about you? You also have 15 weeks left in the year. What are your plans for achieving better health and more energy?

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