Default Switch Still Installed

isolated chocolate bar

I had a doozy of a situation present itself last week. The specifics aren’t important, so I wont bore you with that. But here’s something I noticed while I was out and about in my car:

  • I passed a Krispy Kreme donut shop. Making a detour into the drive through seemed like a really good idea.
  • I passed a Papa Murphy’s pizza place. Stopping in and picking up a pie seemed like a really good idea.
  • I passed umpteen fast food drive-throughs. Stopping by one (or more) of them seemed like the thing to do.
  • I passed even more mini-marts and drug stores. Buying a candy bar or five was absolutely in order.

I thank God for giving me in those moments the wits to know that my mind was telling me to embrace old behaviors: binge-eat junk to dull the stress. My default switch is still installed. But I didn’t activate it.

There’s a saying, “If I have a problem and I use (insert addictive substance), I have two problems.” Thankfully, for today, having one problem is enough. And knowing that problem will pass is all I need to know.

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