Making a Move: Event #3



As I’ve shared before, my goal this year is to complete all five events in Nashville’s Making a Move women’s series. I limped through the first event: the Girls on the Run 5k. In hindsight, I had no business doing that because I was only a few weeks out of my walking boot. My middle name is Stubborn, so there you go.

I completed the second event, the Girls Tri it On triathlon. I had to walk from the pool to T1 and I walked the run course, but I finished. Again, call me Stubborn.

The third event is this Saturday. It’s the Femme Fondo women’s bike ride. Originally there were three distances to choose from: a “10ish” mile, a 35 mile and a 62 mile. I registered to for the 10ish. I just checked the website and I see the 10ish has been replaced by an eight mile and a 12 mile. Decisions, decisions. If the 12 mile is flat, I’ll  do that one. If not, I’ll drop back to the eight miler.

The event takes place in Leiper’s Fork a community south of Nashville.. LF is said to be beautiful and artsy-ish. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been there. Yes, I’m a Nashville native who’s never been to Leiper’s Fork. I’ve also never been to the Grand Ole Opry. So sue me.

This event isn’t a race (thank goodness), it’s an opportunity for women to come together and cycle in a beautiful community. I’ll bring along my camera and weather permitting, I’ll have enough pretty photos for a Snapshot Saturday post.

I must say, my goal of completing the Making a Move series is just what the doctor ordered. Actually, he didn’t order it. In fact, he really didn’t want me to do the 5K but, gave me his blessing to try. I needed a goal that was not overly challenging, but one that would motivate me to be active after months and months of forced inactivity.

Making a Move is just the ticket.

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