Motivation Monday: The Anti-Diet

Not only is today Monday, it’s the first Monday of a new month. That means the stars are double-aligned for women all over the U.S. to start another diet. But wait, it’s also Labor Day. Will anyone start dieting on the last official holiday of summer?

Either way, I ran across this article on-line and I think it’s perfect.

I used to do Weight Watchers, but I found it wasn’t conducive for me due to my sugar addiction. I’ll never forget the time the WW leader told my group of eager dieters, “If you want ice cream, go to Baskin Robbins and buy a scoop rather than go to the store and buy a carton.” Honey, that scoop led me to the store for carton after carton. Once I got honest with myself about the foods I can’t have, Weight Watchers lost its appeal. Sure, I could have stayed on that plan and just abstained from certain foods, but I just did not need to hear “pearls of wisdom”  that didn’t apply to me.

I know which foods I can enjoy and which ones I must avoid. For example, I’m allergic to wheat. Yes, I fall off that wagon from time to time and I pay the price. A few weeks ago I had pizza for dinner. The next day my eyes were swollen and watery, I was congested and sneezy. I had to assure my Intern that I wasn’t crying. I looked like a mess and I felt awful.

After much trial and error…too much trial and error…I know what works best for me: A sugar-free, wheat free meal plan that’s as unprocessed as possible. I use My Fitness Pal to monitor calorie intake and exercise. I consume an adequate number of calories to support the workouts I’m now doing.

I’m sure that with some experimentation, you’ll find the plan that works best for you.


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4 Responses to Motivation Monday: The Anti-Diet

  1. Calories in and calories burned, it is that simple. I eat what I want, I just control the portions. I use the Lose It but I have heard the my Fitness Pal is a good app as well.

    • Pam Brown says:

      I’m glad you have found what works for YOU. That’s so important. For me, there are certain foods I simply must abstain from. I can’t eat them in controlled portions. Sort of like the alcoholic who can’t stay sober on three martinis a day. 🙂

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