Motivation Monday: Jennie Rhodes

There’s no doubt that we Americans live in a youth-obsessed society. For heaven’s sake, fifteen year old models are hired to sell wrinkle cream. Magazine covers are airbrushed to death so that we don’t see our favorite starlets looking anything but young and perfect. So I’m pretty impressed when I see someone of a certain age being successful in an industry dominated by youngsters. That’s why an on-line article about professional model Jennie Rhodes caught my eye.

Rhodes is not your typical model. She has silver-hair. The skin on her upper arms is not tight. She has facial wrinkles.


I think she has a quiet beauty about her that transcends age. I think she’s fabulous.

Here’s a link to the story I read about her.

Enjoy. And please join me in ridding the world of sentences that begin with “She’s too old to…”

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