Motivation Monday: Semper Fi

Photo Source: Source: Seal of Honor/Facebook

Photo Source:  Seal of Honor/Facebook

You’ve no doubt already seen this. I love the photo and the accompanying story for several reasons:

The little boy asked for help.

How many times have I suffered needlessly because I was too proud, embarrassed or whatever to ask for help? I don’t want to know.

The Marine Helped

He sacrificed his own 5k finish time to help a child in need. And he offered encouragement all the way. Am I willing to sacrifice my own wants, needs, schedule, deadlines to help another? I hope so but I can’t honestly say that I am unselfish 100% of the time. I have work to do in that area.

The Marines have a motto: Semper Fidelis which is Latin for “Always Faithful” or “Always Loyal”. Come to think if it, it’s not a bad motto for the rest of us.

Semper Fi, friends.

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