Is 70 The New 50?

Birthday Candles

Unless you’ve been really busy or hiding under a rock, you’ve heard about Geraldo Rivera’s selfie. I briefly mentioned it during Monday’s homage to Mick Jagger. While I saw way more of Geraldo than I would have preferred, his now famous Twitter cutline has stayed with me:

“70 is the new 50.”

I agree.

I was born towards the end of the Baby Boom in 1961: the perfect year. There is a massive number of people blazing the trail ahead of me and redefining what it means to age. Several of my close gym friends are 10 years or so older than me and they aren’t even close to slowing down. They are in fabulous shape and usually earn a place on the age-group podium at local 5ks and triathlons.

My grandmother died when she was in her sixties. I was in the ninth grade and I while her death shocked me, I thought she was really old. Looking back on pictures of her, she looked old…nothing like what most women in their 60s look like today.

I’m grateful to all the Boomers ahead of me who are marching towards 70 and beyond on their terms. They are making the road easier for me.

What about you? Do you think 70 is the new 50? Hit me up in the comments section.

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