Brick by Brick


Last week I really got into the groove of training for the Triathlon I’m Not Even Close to Being Ready For. That’s a good thing since the event is August 17. I continue to be somewhat limited in regards to running, but my hobbletrotting is better than nothing. I ended the week having completed three modified bricks.

On Monday I swam 300 meters and rode five miles on the Y’s Expresso bike trainer. On Wednesday I rode five on the Expresso, then did a 1.2 mile walk/hobbletrot on the greenway. On Friday I rode 6.3 miles on the Expresso and followed that with one mile on the elliptical trainer.

I continue to be grateful that the distances for this event are short (200 meter swim/ 5 mile bike/ and 1.2 mile hobbletrot run. It’s the absolute perfect distance for easing back into multi-sport since I’ve not done a triathlon in a couple of years and I’m still bouncing back from the foot surgery.

I’m actually enjoying getting ready for this. Brick by brick, I’ll get there.

Enough about me; what about you? What events are you training for?

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