Motivation Monday: Happy Birthday, Mick!

Ok, so it’s a belated birthday greeting. Mick Jagger turned 70 on Friday. I’ll stare at his photo while you let that sink in.



I am an unapologetic Rollings Stones fan. Hubs and I have seen them four times (she says with pride) and I hope to see them again. I think Mick is one of the best front men out there.

Just prior to Mick’s birthday, Geraldo Rivera  informed us that 70 is the new 50. Whew!

Through the years my boyfriend Mick’s had a lot to say about aging:

  • “I’d rather be dead than sing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m 45.” (Said at age 31 in an interview with People magazine.)
  • “I’ll never tour when I’m 50.”
  • “What a drag it is getting old.” (Lyrics from “Mother’s Little Helper,” a tune he co-wrote with now 69-year-old Keith Richards.

So now that Mick has hit the big 7 – 0, I wonder if he thinks he’s old. This fan can’t possibly think of him that way. Yes, his skin is saggy…really saggy. But his face has been around for 70 years and skin has a tendency to lose elasticity. He doesn’t appear to have had any work done in that area; he seems content to let those wrinkles morph in to crevasses and I say good for him! If he doesn’t care, neither do I.

For me it’s all about attitude and Mick seems to have one that is ageless. He can still command a stage, I’ve not heard of him forgetting lyrics, and he dresses in a manner that’s befitting of his rock star profession.

I’ve decided that until Mick Jagger trades in his hip duds for sansabelt slacks pulled up to his armpits, I’ll consider him timeless and fabulous.

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