Training Nanny

My recent vacay was an annual family trip to Florida. The trippers included hubs, my sister, her hubs and two young-adult “children” and my 88-year-old mother, known to the world as “Nanny.” Nanny is in really great health. She still drives and even wears high heals to church. Walking has always been her preferred form of exercise but I’m not sure she’s been doing much of that in the last few years. She dodges the question whenever I ask her about it. So I decided while we were in Florida we’d walk together. She was all for it.

We saw this little guy while walking along the condo's golf course.

We saw this little guy while walking along the condo’s golf course.

Each day I told mom to set the pace and let me know when she wanted to head back to the condo. It was really hot and she’s really 88, so I wasn’t surprised when we didn’t walk fast and we didn’t walk far. We went about a half a mile on each daily outing. I thought of all of the 88-year-olds who can’t or won’t walk that far, so I was really proud of her. After we walked I took her through a lite stretching routine. After the neck rolls and trunk twists I told her we were going to slowly reach down and try to touch our toes. I cautioned her to go slowly and only bend until she felt a slight stretch, and not worry about actually touching her toes. Before I could finish my cautionary statements her fingertips were on her toes! Go, Nanny! One day I thought we were finished stretching. I told her she did a great job and her response was, “You forgot to tell me to touch my toes.” I stood corrected.

I’m going to make it a point to connect with mom regularly so that we can walk together. Our church as a recreation facility with a track. No excuse!

And I’m sure she’ll dazzle me with her toe touches.

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