Last week, July 10 to be exact, I was given the green light to start running again. I wish you could call what I’m doing running. I was on a family vacation. We stayed in a golf villa, so the cart path made the perfect place to try to run jog.

I’ve never been offended by the word jogging. In fact, I consider myself to be a jogger rather than a runner. Who cares? My half marathon medals look exactly like those earned by faster folks. So last week I hoped to jog. My plan was to walk a bit, jog two or three tenths of a mile, then walk. I’m under strict orders from both my surgeon and my PCP to resume slowly.

Well, every step hurt, as expected. I couldn’t even jog. What I did was more of a hobble crossed with a trot. It was a hobbletrot. I hobbletrotted a total of three tenths of a mile and walked a bit more.

So for the foreseeable future I’ll be following a walk/hobbletrot program. I’ll likely hobbletrot the run portion of the triathlon I’m not ready for which takes place next month.

It’s a start. I’m grateful for it.

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