Death by Peppers


Eating clean has its drawbacks.

Hubs and I love chicken fajitas. I like to make them at home so I can control the ingredients and keep everything healthy. The pepper plants I planted in late May are finally producing. I’ve been known to plant varieties without knowing the heat units of the various varieties. I bet you know where this is going.

Last night as soon as I got home from work I went to the garden and picked peppers for the fajitas. I came inside, sliced the chicken, then the onions followed by my beautiful, organic, homegrown peppers.

While cooking, I noticed my fingers started feeling warm. The next thing I knew they felt like they were on fire. The peppers! During dinner, I left the table and Googled “what do you do when you burn your hands on peppers.” One entry suggested rubbing olive oil on them for a few minutes, then washing with soap and water. That didn’t work.

I continued to dine with hubs while my hands burned. I was scared to eat the peppers for fear my insides would feel as bad as my outside. Hubs ate them and declared they were fine. I got brave and tried one without incident. Maybe the cooking process made them less deadly.

So, friends, especially you kitchen pros: has this ever happened to you? Please, please, share your remedies in the comments section.

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