Starting Over

I’m registered for a triathlon that takes place in six weeks. SIX WEEKS! I’m not close to being ready. Other than biking, I’ve not begun training. I can’t run until July 10. I’ve not been in the pool. Not at all. I wasn’t motivated to swim while my foot was healing. I knew I had a second procedure ahead of me to remove the screws, followed by two weeks of sutures and keeping the site completely dry, except for daily peroxide and Betadine treatments. Thankfully, the distances are shorter than those of a sprint triathlon, so I should be fine, even if I have to walk a portion of the run course.

The sutures came out Wednesday. Yesterday I wimped out of walking a July 4th 5K due to rain. Instead I went to the Y and did what I consider to be a modified triathlon brick. I cycled 5.43 hilly miles on an Expresso trainer. That little marvel replicates outdoor cycling better than anything I’ve trained on. Following the bike I walked one mile on the treadmill and I accomplished a little milestone. For the first time since surgery, I was able to walk a mile in under 20 minutes. Yes, every step hurt, but I can tell the muscles in my foot are trying to loosen up.

For the past four months, I’ve not been able to work out in the manner in which I am accustomed. I’ve barely made a note in my training log. Yesterday’s little  walking breakthrough gave me the motivation I needed to begin tri training. I came home and made notes in my log, then downloaded a seven-week training plan. Again, the distances of the  tri I’ll be doing are shorter than a sprint, so I think I’m going to repeat the plan’s Week 1, then move along to Weeks 2-5.

It's been a while since I felt like making training notes.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like making training notes.

I know myself pretty well. While I enjoy working out for working out’s sake, I put more effort into it when I’m training for an event. Yesterday’s walk felt like a turning point. It gave me the motivation I needed.

Yes, I’m starting over. But at least I’m still in the game.

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4 Responses to Starting Over

  1. Thomas McNulty says:

    Hi Pam, After being a good trooper with PT etc, I started to
    Conservatively walk a bit more. In mid June dorsal forefoot started to ache. Only got worse. Saw my OS late July after putting the boot
    On again. X-rays showed non union of the 1st Met. The had a CT and fully confirmed non union. Schedule of repair surgery with
    Bone graft and plate is the plan. Non union happens. Also had
    Some neuro tests too to rule out neuropathy.

    Spring was a cast, now looks like Fall will be too.

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