Unstitched/Wimped Out


Happy July 4th, my fellow Americans. And to those reading in other countries, I hope you have a great day as well.

Yesterday I had the stitches removed from the Frankenfoot! The sutures have been replaced by three Steristrips and I can now allow the area to get wet. No more wearing this in the shower:

cast protector

Blessed relief! It also means I now need to get in the pool and train for a mini-triathlon I’m doing in August. I’ll likely begin swimming on Sunday or Monday.

This morning we awoke to a rainy day. As I mentioned in an earlier post, hubs and I were registered for a local 5K, and as I also mentioned, I would participate unless there was a tornado or monsoon. While we didn’t have either weather condition, it was raining hard enough that I decided to pass on the event. Why? It was going to take me about an hour to complete it, the most I’ve walked lately is 1.25 miles and every step still hurts. It just wasn’t worth it and I know if I continue to take care of myself and heal properly, there will be many more 5ks, tri’s and half marathons in my future. Who knows, there may be a marathon. So while hubs ran I sat in the car and caught up on Facebook and Twitter, played Angry Birds and cleared the junk from the floorboards. Here’s the view:


The only downside to sitting out the 5k is I need to go to the Y for a workout. I’ll do that as soon as I finish my decaf.

What about you? Did you run a race today?

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