This Might Hurt

july 4

A few weeks ago I was feeling optimistic and registered hubs and myself for a 4th of July 5K. I knew I’d be walking since I’m not allowed to run until July 10. But I didn’t dream my Frankenfoot would still be hurting this much four months post-surgery. I walked a 5K…in the rain…back in May, but I paid a price in the form of screaming tendons, the result of increasing my mileage too quickly.

As of late the tenderness and swelling, a result of getting unscrewed, has settled down and I can finally wear a running shoe. But bending my foot when making normal heel to toe movements hurts like the devil. I haven’t walked more than 3/4 of a mile. How in the world am I going to walk a 5K?


This is what I know:

  • The day before the race I’m going to pick up our bibs and racing shirts.
  • Unless there’s a tornado or a monsoon, I’ll line up on race day. I’ll plant myself firmly in the back of the pack.
  • Unless the timing chip is imbedded in the bib, I’ll not be officially timed. Reading the data provided by my Garmin will be torture enough.
  • My Ipod will be charged and loaded with my favorite tunes. I’ll probably listen to 100 songs or so.
  • If the pain gets too bad, I’ll stop. Who knows? The movement might loosen things right up. Um, right.
  • I’ll bring my camera and try to photograph an Uncle Sam or two for SnapShot Thursday: 4th of July edition.

Do you have a 4th of July race on your schedule?

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