Me, Myself and I


Weather permitting, hubs has plans tonight and I’m not included.


Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with hubs. We’ve been hanging out for 26 years and counting. But I am a classic introvert and I recharge my batteries by being alone. Blissfully alone.

Today is one of those Fridays when I don’t have office hours at FiftyForward, where I happily serve as the Development Director. I’m spending the day working on my coaching practice. Typically, Fridays find me rushing through the day: workout….laundry….housework….work on coaching practice, with the goal of having everything all wrapped up before hubs gets home from work.

Today, knowing I have extra hours to myself, I’ve stretched things out a bit. I’m waiting until this afternoon to go to the gym and I’ll take my sweet time about it. I’ll probably stay at the gym for at least two hours. Later, I’ll tackle 45 pages of reading for a class I’m taking.

I have always felt free to go out with my friends, and I’ve never been that wife who doesn’t want my husband to go out, sans me. Hubs has wonderful, upstanding friends and I am delighted for him to spend time with them. And when he does I have more time to do introverty things like workout for two hours while listening to my Ipod, read, nap, think, be quiet.

Actually, I think I get the better end of the deal.

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