Back On My Steed


I was so excited about today's ride, I racked my bike early yesterday evening. Isn't it pretty?

I was so excited about today’s ride, I racked my bike early yesterday evening. Isn’t it pretty?

I’m registered for the Girls Tri it On triathlon on August 17. It’s part of the Making a Move series and my goal is to complete each event in that series. There’s only one problem. Make that two problems.

I can’t run until July 10 and I can’t swim because my legs are covered in poison ivy. Well, I guess I could swim, but I think that would be rude and inconsiderate to the others in the pool. And gross.

That leaves cycling.

Cycling happens to be my worst component of triathlon. Every year I start out feeling like a novice. I simply don’t spend enough time training. This year’s been no exception.

Nashville had a very rainy Spring. It poured just about every weekend in May. Last weekend I was stuck with a loaner car while mine was in the shop. I hesitated to put a bike rack on it for fear of chipping the paint. And so for various boring reasons, I’ve not gone cycling until today.

I met my training partner, Lynn at 10 a.m. We decided to go on an easy, flat, short ride. The only goal was for me to get re-acclimated to my bike.

I’m glad the triathlon wasn’t today. I really got my newbie on and threw a chain before I’d gone half a mile. I did it again half way through the ride. Note to self: continue to peddle when shifting gears. Poor Lynn had to serve as a mechanic as well as a training partner. See, I told you I’m a novice.

I felt better than I expected and I wasn’t wobbly at all. I’d love to do it again tomorrow.  It felt great to be back on my steed, thrown chain and all.

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