I’m Marching Against Monsanto


I am deeply troubled by the state of our nation’s food supply. I’ve posted about it before. I believe most of the cancers people suffer through are a direct result of the crap that’s in our food: the pesticides sprayed on plants, the junk that’s added to animal feed and the antibiotics given to the animals because they are sick, thanks to factory farming practices. It ain’t right, folks.

I reserve most of my wrath for the Monsanto company. I follow the Facebook pages “Occupy Monsanto” and “GMO Awareness” and I frequently share their updates on my personal FB page. Today while doing a little Facebook surfing I learned there’s going to be a world-wide protest against Monsanto.


Glad I wasted a little time on Facebook today.

I followed a link to an information page and discovered Nashville is included. Tennessee didn’t automatically show up on the chart of participating states. I did a search and found that the Nashville event will be held at 1 p.m. at Riverfront Park.

I’ll be there.

Photo courtesy of Occupy Monsanto (FB)

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