The Next Best Thing

indoor cycling

My friend and training partner Lynn and I were so excited. Yesterday was to be our first bike ride of the season. The past few weekends in Nashville have made our city look and feel like the Seattle of the South,  so we’ve gotten a late start in our cycling. My surgeon has cleared me to ride, but has warned me not to crash. That means I need to ride on dry roads and take it easy. (I guess I have his permission to crash once he removes the pins from my foot, but I’d rather not).

Saturday afternoon I inflated my bike’s completely flat tires and gathered my helmet and cycling gloves. That night I attended a graduation party and came home at a decent hour so I’d get enough sleep.

I’m one of those people who once is asleep stays that way unless Mother Nature calls. So I missed the 4:30 a.m. thunderstorm and was mystified when I awoke, looked outside and was greeted by wet streets.

Bike ride cancelled.

I did the next best thing. I grabbed an 8:30 spin class at the Y. I’m registered for a triathlon in August, and while I can’t work on my running until mid July, I can work on my cycling. I decided spinning is better than nothing.

The moral to this story is there is always a way to sneak in a workout. I may have to take my second or third choice, but in the end  my health will thank me.

How about you? Is the weather cooperating where you live? What events are you gearing up for?

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