About My Mom


Yesterday, Facebook was awash with Mother’s Day tributes. I posted a photo of my mom posing with a life-size cut out of Justin Bieber. I’ll not re-post it here, because I’m already in trouble about it.

I’ve been told time and time again that I am “lucky” because I’m not dealing with aging parent issues. My mom is 87 years old. She takes no medications. Her only hospital stay was 49 years ago…to give birth to my sister. She still drives and her car shows no sign of scrapes or fender benders (yes, I check when she’s not looking). Her mind is sharp. She still wears heels.

While I am grateful for mom’s healthy body and mind, I don’t think it’s completely due to luck. Yes, she must come from a healthy gene pool because her three octogenarian sisters are just as spry as she. While she’s not responsible for her genes, she is responsible for how she cares for herself.

  • Mom is ACTIVE. She likes to walk for exercise.
  • Mom eats in a healthy manner.
  • Mom hates taking medicine. She’ll only take prescriptions on a limited basis and in order to knock out a temporary health issue.
  • Mom has an active social life. She’s involved in church groups and ladies groups. Groups, groups and more groups.
  • She buys those little “word search” books to keep her mind sharp.
  • She is an eternal optimist.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds for my mom, just as I don’t know what it holds for me. I do know this: she does the best she can to take care of the body and mind that God gave her. She is intentional about her health. And that’s all I can ask of her.

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