Happy Birth Mother’s Day

roseA Facebook friend adopted a little cutie-pie a few months ago. Today she posted that the Saturday before Mother’s Day is known as Birth Mother’s Day and she is grateful for the woman who gave life to her daughter.

I’ve never heard of Birth Mother’s Day, so of course I Googled it. It was established in 1990 by some women in Seattle as a way to honor those who had given birth, but were not recognized as mothers because they were not raising the children.

I think about my birth mother around Mother’s Day and my birthday. I’ve never had a desire to meet her. For all I know she has a family who doesn’t know about me and I don’t want to interrupt her life. And yet I am grateful to her. She gave me life when she could have chosen another course of action. And she unselfishly allowed another family to raise me. Because of her choices, I’m living a life full of ups and downs, opportunities, and adventures.

If my gut is correct and she has a family, I hope tomorrow finds her being treated like a queen. For today, I would like to wish a Happy Birth Mother’s Day to special woman, whoever and wherever she may be.

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