A Reminder About Gratitude

cube with art

It just so happens that one of the best work spaces I ever had was a fabulously tricked-out cubicle. One of the walls was a glass window and I had a breathtaking view of Nashville. So believe me when I say I’m not anti-cubicle. It’s just that most people I know would rather work in an office. So imagine my delight when I gave my new intern a tour of our building.

She’s a senior at one of Nashville’s universities and she’ll be working with me all summer. The morning of her first day with us I bought a little plant and made a door sign with her name and the title “Development Intern.” My assistant made a welcome tent card to go with the plant. Everything was in place.

She arrived a bit early (impressive!), dressed for success and excited about the opportunities I’d sketched out for her during our initial interview. I gave her a quick tour and as we made our way to her work space I said, apologetically, “I told you this was a cubicle situation, right?”

We rounded the corner and I showed her where she’ll be working the next few months. I hoped her facial expression wouldn’t telegraph too much disappointment. Instead, she gasped. Audibly.  “My own cubicle? I’ve never had my own cubicle! This feels like a palace!” She thanked me repeatedly for the plant and signage.

One person’s drab cubicle is another person’s palace.

Friends, this young woman provided me with a beautiful reminder about gratitude. I wonder what else I’ll learn from her this summer.

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