Hiking Must Wait

Hubs and I took a three-day staycation last week. On Thursday we drove to Fall Creek Falls state park, which is about two hours out of Nashville. It was a beautiful day for such a trip.

Being an optimist, I took along my hiking boots and a pair of trekking poles. We read that there is a short but challenging hike down to this waterfall.

Fall Creek Falls 001

Naturally, I laced up, grabbed my poles and headed down. I’d gone less than 30 yards and realized my foot just isn’t healed enough to hike a deep, rocky descent. I sent hubs onward and I aborted the hike and went back up, making myself at home on a bench. While waiting I shot a few photos. I sorta like this one.

Fall Creek Falls 004

When hubs returned he told me I’d made the right decision. He had no trouble, but he admitted it was rocky and challenging.

Later that day, hubs took a very short walk to an observation point. I decided to stay in the car. I opened the sunroof for a little Vitamin D therapy. I was relaxing with my eyes closed when I heard a family returning to the car parked immediately ahead of us. A young boy saw me and I overheard him say, “Man, when she wakes up she’ll have a terrible sunburn.” I shouted, “No, I won’t.” I think I startled him but he gave me an awkward wave.

I enjoyed the chuckle.

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2 Responses to Hiking Must Wait

  1. Tom McNulty says:

    I think when we reach milestones along the road to recovery, we might be optimistic. I was freed from crutches yesterday and walked the dog one too many times last night & today. Still in boot, so
    Knees ache ! But GREAT to have both arms free. Feels weird to
    Walk without crutches !!!!

    • Pam Brown says:

      Tom! Congrats on being free of crutches. Sorry your knee is talking to you, but what a terrific milestone you have achieved. I achieved another milestone today…I’ll post about it tonight. Take care and don’t overdo it!

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