Balance: A Good Thing?

Apparently physical therapists think balance is a good thing. I’m not talking about balance as in there is an appropriate amount of work, play and rest. I’m talking about the trying not to fall and hurt myself kind of balance. Here’s the thing. I’ve never had balance. Not before my foot surgery. Not before my knee surgery five years ago. Ask any yoga instructor whose ever tried to teach me the tree pose. Balance just hasn’t been there.

I suppose it’s a good thing that my therapy sessions are getting tougher. But today’s session was a trip. Literally.

One of my exercises involved standing on something like this while throwing a rubber ball against a mini-trampoline leaned against a wall. I was expected to catch the ball and throw it again. And again. Twenty times. While balancing on that death trap.

I had no idea how much tension there would be on the trampoline. I made an assumption I would need herculean strength to throw the ball hard enough that it would bounce back into my awaiting hands. My first toss was so hard the ball hit me in the face and I fell of the balance thingy. Due to my cat-like reflexes I landed on my feet. My therapist was right there to spot me and I stuck the landing just like an olympic gymnast. Winning!

Since I’m clearly too strong for my own good, my therapist moved the balance board back a foot or two. The rest of my tosses were spot on even as I teetered to keep my balance.

I can’t wait to see what Friday’s session holds.

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1 Response to Balance: A Good Thing?

  1. JoAnn Jolly says:

    LOL! Hilarious post. Thanks for making my day!

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