SnapShot Saturday, With Technical Difficulties

As you know, and are tired of hearing, I’m rehabbing from foot surgery. Today was a GLORIOUS day in Nashville. I decided to take a two-mile walk. My longest walk so far has been 1.3 miles, so I was curious about how I would feel afterward. I was also excited about taking along my camera for the return of SnapShot Saturday.

Well, the camera’s battery needed charging. I would rely on my smart phone. I snapped a few shots and I actually liked one or two of them. But sadly, the photo file sizes are too large and I can’t get them emailed and downloaded. Sigh. I was, however, able to get them to post to Facebook. I created an album there so if you’re interested, click this link and you can check it out.

When all was said and done I walked 2.1 miles. It was painful as expected, but not so much that I’m concerned. My pace, while still very slow, has picked up since my first walk.  Encouraging! I’m attempting to walk the Girls on the Run 5K in two weeks as part of the Making a Move series. I’ll be bringing up the rear, but that’s ok.

How about you? Is it beautiful where you live? Did you go outside and play?

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4 Responses to SnapShot Saturday, With Technical Difficulties

  1. Gook Luck with your rehabilitation.

  2. Tom McNulty says:

    Can’t wait to go for a walk in TWO shoes, but that is a few weeks away. Way to go!!!!

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