Making a Move

Yesterday I bared all and shared with you my time for my first post-surgery, one-mile walk. I’m staying the course because I have signed up to walk a 5K on May 4 and I am doing everything I can to be ready. My surgeon doesn’t think I can complete 3.1 miles by May 4, but my physical therapist thinks I can. Which professional do you think is correct?

Yes, Nashville is glutted with 5k races, so why is my heart set on this one? It’s the first event of a women’s series called Making a Move. Here’s a link to the website. My boss is one of the founders of Making a Move. The fifth and final event in the series , the Viva la Diva, is a race that supports the organization I work for. Last year I only participated in one of the events, the Viva. My boss was one of only two women who completed all five events. I’ve decided she needs more company in that elite group, so I am determined to complete all five. If I can get through the first event, I have until August to prepare for the second one.

I’d love for all of you Middle Tennesseans to join me. These events are VERY beginner friendly. Here’s a flyer that gives more detail.

Who wants to join me in Making a Move? The more the merrier!

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